Shower Curtain Roller Rings Nickel Plated Brass Set of 12
by the Renovator's Supply
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Price: $15.00
Specifications for Shower Curtain Roller Rings Nickel Plated Brass Set of 12

Category: Shower Curtain Hooks

Item Number: 82800

Price Each: $15.00

Minimum for Quantity Discount: N/A

Material: Nickel

Finish: Plated

Height: 2.75'' 2 3/4'' 70mm

Width: 1.75'' 1 3/4'' 44mm

How many to set: 12

Color: Brass

Style: Vintage

InstallationMethod: Screwed

ColorMap: Yellow

Design: Roller Ball

Room: Bathroom

who_made: i_did

is_supply: false

when_made:  2010_2016

recipient: unisex_adults

etsy_style: Vintage

materials: Nickel

Shower Curtain Roller Rings, Shower Curtain Hooks. Glides smoothly, quietly & effortlessly along shower rods. Prevents tears in curtain liners. Imagine no more tugging at the shower curtain. Renovator's Supply's ROLLER BALL Shower Rings have 6 BALL BEARINGS on the top to prevent SCRATCHING the rod. UnlikeRenovator's Supply's competition that sells them with 5 or less ball bearings. Made of nickel plated brass. Set of 12. Measures 2 3/4 in. H to fit standard shower curtain rods.
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